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Report Summary and Document List for Mineral Resources 27 Help
RIN:- R00050691 REPORT/DOCUMENT:- Mineral Resources 27 DOCUMENTS FOUND:   27

Report/Document Number: Mineral Resources 27    (Documents attached to this report are listed below).
Record Type: Departmental Publications
Report Identification Number: R00050691
Confidentiality: Open File
Authors/Company Name: Harper L F
New South Wales Geological Survey
Report Title: MR27: The Hill End, Tambaroora Goldfield
Report Description: Departmental publication - Mineral Resources 27, 1918
Collation: 81pp 1 map 4 plans 9 plates MR27
Report Year: 1918
Subject Terms/Keywords: Mines and Mining, Metallic
Commodity, Group 1, Gold
Mines and Mining, Mineral Deposits
Mines and Mining, Mining History
General Topics, History
Tenement Name/Number: na
Map Sheet: Bathurst #250=SI5508 #100=8731I
Location: Hill End, Tambaroora, Hawkins Hill, Carvers Reef
Abstract: The Hill End Gold Field was the scene of the first reef mining in Australia, the area received much attention in the early days of gold mining, supporting a population of 30,000 and yielding an estimated 50 tons of gold. The report covers the mining history, previous literature, general and detailed geology, history of the claims and mining, company activities with details of the individual reefs and characteristics of gold occurrences.

Select Document Description Code Pages Size Colour Format File Size Preview
MR27 Hill End Gold Field (OCR version) whole volume TXT - - - PDF 6.8 M View
Cover page 2pp COV 2 A4 BW TIFF 40 k Preview
Table of contents 3pp CON 3 A4 BW TIFF 72 k Preview
Plate 1pp I (Frontispiece) The famous Beyers & Holterman's Nugget PLT 1 - - JPEG 445 k Preview
Text 6pp TXT 6 A4 BW TIFF 373 k Preview
Plan 1pp I plan with sections showing position of Tunnels Hawkins' Hill Hill End PLN 1 A2 BW TIFF 82 k Preview
Text 6pp TXT 6 A4 BW TIFF 346 k Preview
Plate 2pp IV & V Alluvial Ground & Hawkins Hill Hill End 1871 PLT - - - PDF 736 k View
Text 24pp TXT 24 A4 BW TIFF 1.3 M Preview
Plan 1pp 3 plan of original claims at Hawkins Hill PLN 1 A1 BW TIFF 248 k View
Text 2pp TXT 2 A4 BW TIFF 116 k Preview
Plate 1pp VI The Star of Peace Battery, 1883. Northern end of Hawkins Hill PLT 1 - - JPEG 736 k Preview
Text 2pp TXT 2 A4 BW TIFF 115 k Preview
Plate 1pp VII Part of Hawkins Hill, looking south, 1880 PLT 1 - - JPEG 638 k Preview
Text 2pp TXT 2 A4 BW TIFF 111 k Preview
Plate 1pp VIII Western slopes of Hawkins Hill in 1918 PLT 1 - - JPEG 1.7 M Preview
Text 6pp TXT 6 A4 BW TIFF 338 k Preview
Plan 1pp plan of workings at Hawkins Hill PLN 1 - - JPEG 2.7 M Preview
Text 6pp TXT 6 A4 BW TIFF 358 k Preview
Plan 1pp ground stoped out by the Amalgamated Hill End Company PLN 1 A4 BW TIFF 20 k Preview
Plate 1pp IX Amalgamated veins, Amalgamated tunnel, Hawkins Hill PLT 1 - - JPEG 649 k Preview
Text 4pp TXT 4 A4 BW TIFF 222 k Preview
Plate 1pp X Top Flying-Fox Gantry. Oakey Creek Gorge on right. Turon River. PLT 1 - - JPEG 714 k Preview
Text 10pp TXT 10 A4 BW TIFF 621 k Preview
Plate 1pp XI Saddle reef in beds of Devonian age. Oakey Creek PLT 1 - - JPEG 833 k Preview
Text 8pp TXT 8 A4 BW TIFF 426 k Preview
Map 1pp geological map of the Hill End & Tambaroora Gold Field MAP 1 - - JPEG 7.9 M Preview
  Total:   93   28.6 M  

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