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Report/Document Number: QN017    (Documents attached to this report are listed below).
Record Type: Departmental Publications
Report Identification Number: R00040849
Confidentiality: Open File
Authors/Company Name: Felton E A, Sherwin L, Lishmund S R, Felton E A, Palese G W
NSW Geological Survey
Report Title: QN17: New Ordovician graptolite locality E of Tarago; The Torrington silexite deposits; Stratig. revisions in the Tarago-Woodlawn-Mount Fairy; Dual pipe RC drilling, Oaklands Basin drilling programme.
Report Description: Departmental publication Quarterly Notes 17, October 1974
Collation: 11pp QN17
Report Year: 1974
Subject Terms/Keywords: Palaeontology, Graptolithina, Stratigraphy, Ordovician
Minerals, Non-metallic, Silexite
Stratigraphy, Silurian, Devonian
Drilling, Reverse Circulation
Objective, Pegmatite, Magmatic, Greisen
Objective, Known Old Workings
Commodity, Group 2, Topaz
Commodity, Group 1, Fluorine, Wolfram, Base Metals
Tenement Name/Number: QN17
Map Sheet: Canberra #250=SI5516 #100=8727I #100=8827IV
Grafton #250=SH5606 #100=9239III #100=9239IV
Location: Tarago Torrington Woodlawn, Mt Fairy, Oaklands Basin
Abstract: Article 1 A new Ordovician graptolite locality east of Tarago, New South Wales; The graptolite assemblage indicates an Eastonian age for at least part of the monotonous greywacke shale sequence between Tarago and the Shoalhaven River.
Article 2 The Torrington silexite deposits; Silexite occurs as a number of dykes, sills, and other intrusive bodies in the sediments of the Torrington Pendant in the Late Permian Mole Granite. The Silexite is probably a late differentiate post-dated by pegmatites. The deposits are a potential source of refractory raw materials, fluorite and wolframite.
Article 3- Stratigraphic revisions in the Tarago - Woodlawn - Mount Fairy area; Facies changes are important in at least the lower part of the Middle Silurian-Early Devonian sequence.
Article 4; Dual pipe reverse circulation drilling, Oaklands Basin drilling programme; Good quality core and excellent recovery were obtained in both poorly consolidated and consolidated formations.

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